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Altona Meadows:
Stand-Up Comedy

Stand-Up Comedy was created in college dorms, music rooms, hallways, basements, parties, cars, and empty streets by one man, Altona Meadows. From drums to vibraphones to wind chimes, all instruments were performed by him by looping recordings over and over again, generally after 3 AM. The songs are moving, wide, bright, and classy with a kid's coarse voice gliding over all soundscapes. The lyrics are scattered yet meaningful, and the music tells a story about love, peace, desperation, and happiness.

"I remember I was walking back to my dorm at 3 AM from a lame party. The roads were completely desolate, and there were clouds in the sky blocking the moon. I found myself on the usual pavement path to my dorm, when I noticed a group of girls walking the opposite way, all wearing the same typical outfit and completely silent, staring at their phones. I grabbed my journal and just scattered lyrics like 'and they keep staring.' Most of the songs were written through little moments like that, scattered over the course of five or six months. Eventually it all just came together; to tell you the truth, I forget even writing some of the songs. Guess I had too much on my mind at the time."

Altona Meadows proceeded to form his own record label, asking a few close friends to join him. After months of Google searches and wordy emails, he led a team to create a logo, design a social media presence, plan future events and release dates, design a website, and crafted a small business. Named after a secret room from his college, he plans on running the label for a long time.
Stand-Up Comedy is our first release, and should be listened to during midnight drives, stargazing sessions, and Tinder coffee dates. It is a breathtaking set of desolate music told by a teenager and a guitar.

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This is Sunshine EP

"They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Although I agree with this statement, I feel that someone's music, words, and artwork also has the same capability. When it comes to music, I can never plan ahead what I want to write about or who I want to sing about. Instead I patiently sit around and wait for someone or something to come and ignite my soul with such an immense feeling I HAVE to run up, grab my uke, and start writing. I think of my songs as specific moments that I captured my soul and when I sing all those old feelings I felt, both good and bad, come back to me.

When it came to deciding which of my songs I wanted to put on the 'This is Sunshine EP' I concluded that I should pick the songs in which I felt I captured certain emotions the best. The first song of the EP, 'Endings' was the first song I've ever completed on ukulele. I wrote it in around 30 minutes, and to this day I still recognize it as one of my most well-written songs. The specific feeling I associate with this song is loneliness and abandonment, which I'm sure is a common emotion every single person in this world has felt. I want to portray loss, whether it was from looking back at old memories or trying to numb the feeling it brings to you.

For my second song 'Tomorrow' I embodied a much more optimistic feeling within my lyrics. 'But tomorrow, it'll be a new day' is my favorite line throughout the entire piece, and what I really want it to convey is that no matter what, life will go on. Strangely enough, I based this song on some great advice a not so great boy gave me once. He told me that even though you might feel as if you're stuck in the ocean and the waves keep getting larger, eventually they will subside and you will be able to move forward. I wrote this songs hours after this discussion I had with him, capturing the moment of clarity in which I still feel today whenever I preform this song for others.

'Espoir' meaning 'hope' in French, is the name of my last song on this track. This song was written about someone who has been very influential on me although they might not realize it. There was a time not to long ago where I was at my lowest place I've been in a long time. Mentally and physically life was a challenge and I often felt like given up and that no one in this world was genuine. I was very pessimistic towards others and towards life itself, until the kindness of this one person influenced me in a way not many others have. For once I felt accepted and unjudged, and I was shown that you can find beauty in places, and people, that you'd least expect it. Singing this song, I find myself hopeful, hence the name, and it makes me optimistic towards the possibilities to come. For that, I'd like to thank this person with all my heart for allowing me to experience this feeling once again.

Altogether, these three songs depict a cycle we all experience at some point in our lives. Sadness and loss, followed by the optimism that it will get better ultimately will lead you to your own specific moment of hope. I hope every can enjoy this three part story of my life and can take away the lessons I've learned throughout writing them."

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